Chelsea FC club legend and technical director Petr Cech has confirmed that Kepa will stay at the club this summer.

Everybody knows that Kepa didn’t have his best season last season, but Chelsea are not giving up on him. Petr Cech said this in an interview given to Czech media outfit, Sport last week.

“Last season didn’t go so well for Kepa, that’s unquestionable. But the club invested in him and gave him a long-term contract because of a belief that he has the quality and the required attributes to be successful.

“While certain additions will be made to the squad, perhaps even at goalkeeper, no one’s giving up on Kepa. We all hope for a great future for him.”

Chelsea’s Premier League return is just two weekends away. And with that said, Cech is expecting plenty of action in the remaining weeks, with the transfer window closing on October 5th.

“The issue of reinforcements is now very much alive. The transfer window is until the end of October this year, so there will be a lot of changes when the competitions are already running. And the question is how much the coronavirus pandemic will affect everything.”

There is an extra 11 days for the Premier League teams to make their business.

“Under certain conditions, large transfers may occur. But, I expect that there will be player exchanges and loans, and, I think in significantly larger proportions than in the past. The situation is very confusing and unpredictable in terms of the economic impact on individual clubs. And it’s always changing.”

Because the Premier League starts before the window closes, that could be an amazing time to do reinforcements.