The Athletic reporter David Ornstein has revealed that the former Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino is keeping a close eye on managerial seats at Chelsea, Manchester United, PSG and a few others.

The Argentine is ready to return to football after getting dismissed by Tottenham Hotspur last year.

According to Ornstein, the former Espanyol manager is not in a hurry to rush into any job and wants to wait for the right project.

“I don’t think Pochettino is on the verge of taking a new job at the moment,” Ornstein said on the Tifo Podcast’s Ask Ornstein show, as quoted by The Express.

“As for United, publicly and more interestingly privately from what I hear, they completely support Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and are giving him their full backing and have no plans as things stand to make a change.

“But we know how quickly things do change in football. There have been reports that United have made contact with Pochettino. I’m not questioning those reports but personally, I don’t have that information.

“What we do know is Pochettino’s available, he’s recently conducted a very high-profile television interview which I’m assured was more of a long-standing commitment than a come-and-get-me plea or putting himself in the shop window to say, ‘I’m ready and raring to go.’

“Suitors, the likes of Manchester United, will already know that and know what he brings as a man manager, a person, a coach, etctera. The timing [of his interview] was interesting.

“What I do hear is that Pochettino is waiting and watching very closely in particular United, Manchester City, perhaps Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and others to see what’s going to happen there.

“The real issue is that there are no vacancies at the moment which is something of a surprise because in the build-up to the summer of 2020 there was expected to be a lot of change in the managerial market but the coronavirus pandemic has changed everything and for many, the idea of sacking a manager and paying compensation was not something they could afford to.

“Perhaps that doesn’t affect clubs right at the top end but it was a worry for many. We’ve talked about United, the situation with City is that Guardiola is there until at least next summer, City have been public in saying they want to extend with him.

“PSG could have a change with Thomas Tuchel and Pochettino formerly a player there. Chelsea, things seem pretty stable at the moment, he’s been backed in the transfer market and things look to be going quite well. They’re embarking on quite a long-term project there.

“Barcelona, a bit of instability with a change at board level of president. We know when a new president comes in they often have their own manager in mind, I’ve heard some of the candidates do have Pochettino on their list but I’m not sure he’s at the top.

“It’d be interesting dynamic with his fellow Argentine Lionel Messi, who is also out of contract next summer. Real Madrid it seems pretty stable at the moment, for a change, with Zinedine Zidane in his second spell there.”

Pochettino recently revealed on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football that he’s ready to return to football.

“I discovered an amazing people in this country, an amazing culture. I am in love,” Pochettino said on Sky Sports.

“I was always ready to be involved in the game again. I love football. It’s my passion, not my job.

“It’s not a stress when you are working. It’s not a stress to go to the training ground. It’s not a stress to prepare for a game. It’s not a stress to compete… look, my hair is still getting longer and longer!

“I am looking forward to being involved in the game again, I love the game. It’s difficult; we are inside, we are working, we are doing things but it is not the same thing to be involved every day, to share it with your players, your staff and the club. You miss that.

“Football without fans, you realise that you lose the passion… it means a lot to have the fans in the stadium but we need to protect the industry, that is why we need to keep going and playing.”