Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud has openly admitted he refused to move to Ligue 1 side, Lyon to avoid controversy with Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema and protect his family.

There is well-documented bad blood between the two French strikers, with Benzema comparing himself and Giroud to a Formula 1 Car and a go-kart.

“You can’t confuse a Formula 1 car with a go-kart and I’m being kind,” Benzema said, according to BBC.

“I know I’m a Formula 1 car. It works because he’s there, that’s it. It’s not going to be spectacular.”

Giroud responded: “People say you cannot compare a Formula One car with a go-kart and the only thing I can say on the matter is that I’m a world champion, so that isn’t bad for a go-kart”

However, in Giroud’s autobiography book, he said had the opportunity to sign for Lyon but turned it down to avoid controversy with Karim Benzema.

“There were contacts with Olympique Lyon. Unfortunately, I could not sign with them because I did not want a controversy to break out around him, since it is the club that saw him born. Unfortunately, I did not want to take any risk for my family after seeing the reactions of some,” the attacker told Le Progrés, as quoted by TYC Sports.

Giroud has been a mainstay in France national team since the world cup while Karim Benzema has announced his retirement from international football after criticising French authorities for ignoring him on purpose.