It’s becoming more and more obvious that Havertz transfer to Chelsea is done with only the paper-works remaining before it becomes official.

The transfer is set to cost Chelsea €100m (€80m up-front, €20m in bonuses) while Havertz’s weekly wage is not yet clear with different publications coming up with different figures.

However, Havertz’s two former clubs – Alemannia Mariadorf (6th division) and Alemannia Aachen (4th division) – will not receive a cent because Havertz joined Bayer at the age of eleven after a year at Alemannia Aachen in 2010.

If the national player had only changed at the age of twelve, Aachen would receive 250,000 euros (0.25 percent of the transfer fee), according to Bild’s report.

This was confirmed by Alemannia Aachen’s first chairman, Guido Lenz.

“We were told by the DFB that we would not get anything,” he told Bild.

“The Fifa statutes are as they are. That’s a pity. Hopefully, the envy debate will soon be over, because many clubs in our area keep claiming that we will now be the rich Mariadorfer.”

Havertz is set to join Chelsea as soon as the paper-works are completed in the coming days.