Legendary Chelsea captain John Terry has revealed the names of three surprise players that took Chelsea to ‘another level’.

John Terry mentioned three players (Zola, Gullit and Vialli) that he met at Stamford Bridge while turning pro as the ones that changed the landscape of the club.

“Compared to what it’s like today, it [the professionalism of players] is black and white, complete opposites,” Terry said during a conversation with the former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen on the platform Unacademy.

“[At the start of my career] we would finish training and go upstairs and have burger and chips or sausage and mash. It was just a couple of ladies who lived by the training ground who would cook the food.

“There was no nutritional aspect. You would finish training, leave straightaway. ‘We were lucky at Chelsea because we signed Zola, Gullit and Vialli and they turned up at the training ground and said, “where’s the food, where’s the protein? We need a bigger gym, we need to stretch more”

“They took it to another level and I was really lucky to be part of it.”

John Terry joined Chelsea as a kid but followed the footsteps of those great players and went on to have a great career at Chelsea.


Written by @TheHeartofEngland