A world-class player in the making, today we look at why Kai Havertz is esteemed at such high regard and does Chelsea require him for the upcoming season?


A left-footed versatile player who predominately plays as attacking midfielder but could also play in a deep-lying forward role and an inverted winger. Only 20 years of age and will keep improving with experiences ahead. He is one of the most crucial players for Bayer Leverkusen and his performances have certainly alarmed many clubs around the world to enquire for his services.

Currently this season, he has bagged 6 goals and 5 assists in 22 matches. He has had 1.6 shots per game and combines for 2.3 dribbles per game. The only part about his game that is criticized is the amount of time he is dispossessed during the game with him being dispossessed 2.8 times per game this season but that shall improve with growth in maturity. The thing about Havertz which impresses everyone is his aerial strength. Even with some parts still raw, there is no doubt that this guy is going right to the top and with his name popping up, every fan would want their club to sign him but does Chelsea really need him?

The argument against getting him by most of the people is the numbers of midfielders Chelsea have. It’s the only position in the Chelsea team that has the quality to compete with the best in the world. Some people fear he’ll block Mount’s progress and some people believe Coutinho would be a better deal for Chelsea than Havertz, let’s dwell into it in more depth:

Havertz vs Mount Statistically:

Mount has had 6 goals and 4 assists this season in 25 appearances. On his advantage to Havertz, he is defensively more efficient than Havertz with averaging 1.1 tackles per game, 0.4 interceptions per game in comparison to Havertz 0.6 tackles per game, and 0.1 interceptions per game. In terms of goals and assist they aren’t a far apart but overall offensively Havertz is still a step ahead of Mount. Kai Havertz’s decisions in the final third are very appreciable, especially for his age. His dribbling is massively underrated and he has a lethal foot. Most of his goals this season would have been difficult to score for a lot of players. Aerially he is a very lethal player and way above Mount in this category and is also used in defending corners for the same reason. He has won 1.5 Aerial wins per game which is massive in comparison to Mounts’s aerial wins per game which is 0.3 per game. He will be a big help to defend corners and also be threatening in the final third. Kai Havertz averages 2.3 key passes per game in comparison to Mount’s 1.5 key passes per game. His crossing in the final third is mostly accurate and will surely contribute more to Chelsea offensively as compared to Mount.

Havertz vs Coutinho Statistically:

Coutinho, on the other hand, has 8 goals and 6 assists in 15 matches that is way above Kai Havertz’s contribution of 6 goals and 5 assists in 25 matches in the same league. But creatively Havertz has done much better than Coutinho with averaging 2.3 key passes per game and 2.3 dribbles per game which is more in Coutinho’s comparison who boasts 1.4 key passes per game and 1.5 dribbles per game. With only 20, Havertz is only going to make his results in the final third better. So that creates doubt for Chelsea whether to invest heavily one time in Havertz or save money by getting Coutinho on loan for the time being.


Chelsea’s dilemma has been about goal contribution from the midfield. Mount has done exceedingly well for his first season in the Premier League but is still raw and his play in the final third is still criticized. Barkley is still a player who has the potential but he just hasn’t been able to perform in a consistent fashion. Ruben Loftus Cheek injury concerns hamper Chelsea from someone taking responsibility to contribute to goals from the midfield. Having young wingers in Pulisic and Hudson Odoi doesn’t help to transfer goal burdens away from midfield. Tammy Abraham is still developing and has done more than what was expected of him. With Ziyech still arriving and will require time to adapt, so from where are the goals going to come from and will Havertz solve that?


Havertz is better offensively than all the Chelsea midfield, especially in the creative sense. His decisions in the final third are very precise and his left foot provides a different dimension to the Chelsea attack. But with the arrival of Ziyech, Chelsea not only have a left-footer but also a player who is amazing in a creative sense. With Chelsea already having lots of raw talents, do they need another youngster for a high price? Having players like Mount, Pulisic, Hudson Odoi, and Billy Gilmour, do they really need Havertz? We need to understand that Havertz would too take time to settle in a new League and patience has to be the virtue of every fan. With so much young talent at disposal, Chelsea needs someone experienced to lead the young brigade. He is going to be a world-class player in the future and he will be welcomed with open arms at every club with ambition, but presently for me, he isn’t the answer Chelsea needs. There is no need for Chelsea to spend large chunks in this area especially now, instead, presently all funds must be imparted into defensive fragilities that have hampered the progress of this young Chelsea side. So in my opinion instead of another young talent, Chelsea should look for a more experienced player in Coutinho who just isn’t Premier League proven but is better in the final third than the Chelsea midfield and could also provide help on the wings. He could really be a pivotal asset for Chelsea to break the teams that apply low block tactics and could be a vital tool for set pieces.

Therefore, in my opinion, Havertz should always be on the radar of Chelsea but presently they need to go for Coutinho who will cost a lower amount and would give an instant impact for the Young Chelsea side. Chelsea should just not sign players for the sake of it but on the basis of their suitability to a team like what Liverpool has done in recent years and with that in my opinion, Havertz would just not suit Chelsea’s current need.

Written by – Shrey Oberoi
Twitter – @Shrey765
Stats Credit – Who Scored