Russian side FC Krasnodar are set to host Chelsea in the UEFA Champions League matchday two clash tomorrow evening with both teams hoping to record their first group win following draws on matchday one.

New FC Krasnodar physical fitness coach John Phillps talked about facing Chelsea in an interview with FC Krasnodar website.

He said: “Chelsea same as most English clubs, they’re going to be aggressive, the speed of the game will be we high. They’re doing okay in the league, but they will want to come and they will want to really try and dominate so it’s going to be tough.

“Obviously with the injuries we’ve got and things like that. But for me it’s just we have to fight, we have to work hard, and try not to be intimidated by them in any way, so it’s a lot to do in the mentality and as well as the physicality.

“They have a lot of players who can individually do something out of nothing. I think the key is if we work hard, if we’re aggressive, we need to concentrate for 95-96 minutes.

“We can’t switch off because you’ll get punished by this sort of teams. So it’s almost as much mental as it’s physical for this game. Don’t give them the respect and allow them to play, we have to be aggressive and take the game to them.

“Their style of play, they change it quite a lot. They changed formation against Southampton from Manchester United, so it will depend on how they see the game.

“If they look at it and think they can come and run over us then I think it’ll be quite open. Which I think probably helps us because it means that there’ll be opportunities to counter-attack.”