Chelsea’s latest addition to the left-back department Ben Chilwell has been one of the shining lights of the Blues’ season so far.

The England international joined Chelsea from Leicester City in the summer transfer window for £50m, which looks like ‘money well-spent’ at the moment.

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard talks about his impact after yet another impressive performance against Burnley.

“Yes, it has been a really positive impact and it is an important part of how I want to play is involving our full-backs in an offensive sense,” Lampard said.

“I am not taking away the defensive thing because I thought him and Reece found the perfect moments to join in, get higher up the pitch and then perfectly recovered back up the pitch for second balls that were coming at us today.

“For Chily, part of the reason to bring him to the club is his ability to cover a lot of high-intensity moments in games, where he is joining in and getting high up the pitch and we haven’t utilised it enough in the last two or three performances, I have got to say, so it is something I spoke about yesterday and worked on with the team.

“We saw that a bit today with when they went and our balance with the midfield 8s dropping in slightly.

“We were finding different lines very well. With the quality of Chily, we have to utilise him and get him high up the pitch at times is a big deal for us and he will get better as he is settling in. There’s a lot more to come from Chily.”