Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has revealed how a chat with his former boss Jose Mourinho inspired him to go into management.

Lampard who started his coaching career at Derby County in 2018 before moving to Chelsea last year recalls how a chat convinced him to become a manager.

“I think it was great man management,” he said, as quoted by Daily Star.

“It definitely gave me the lift I needed at the time. I keep getting asked about it – is the fact that the image of him naked and me naked, like showering ourselves whilst having quite an important conversation.

“But that was a beautiful thing as well. That’s what kind of let – made me learn or think about in management that not every conversation has to be, come into my office and sit down.

“He knew I wasn’t the best player in the world; probably didn’t think I was. And another manager later on in my career did the absolute reverse of that conversation, and it hit me really hard as well.

“So I would certainly have a positive conversation like that.”

Lampard led Chelsea to a fourth place finish in the Premier League last season, beating his mentor, Jose Mourinho twice in the process.