Chelsea’s form over the last two months has been nothing short of incredible. The quality of performances week in and week out have been spectacular. Lampard has compiled a strong squad with depth, on par with the likes of Man City and Liverpool. A year and a half ago, this was unfathomable.

Lampard returned to Chelsea as a manager at a time when our club was in deep trouble. We had lost our talisman in Eden Hazard who contributed to nearly half of our goals the previous season. We had a transfer ban and a ridiculously divided fan base.

However, Lampard stepped up to the task. He integrated youth in a manner which was never seen before in the Abramovich era. He’s established a brand of fluid attacking football which is instrumental to the vision of the club, which he had brought in with him.

His massive pull power in the transfer market was a key factor in bringing in world-class talents to the Bridge. Every possible element has been put in place for his long term plan.

“I felt like I took the job in a different position to most Chelsea managers,” Lampard said.

“I think people sympathise with that as well, and I think it was a success. Now I feel like I would love to be part of long term plan here.

“I’m a lucky man to be managing the club that I love and is my life. So, of course, I want to make a success of it and be here as long as I can”, he continued.

I think we can all agree that something special is going on at Chelsea Football Club and whether you like it or not, Frank Lampard is at forefront of it all. And in Super Frank Lampard we trust.

So keep the blue flag flying high and up the Chels!

Written by- Aayush Paul (@AayushPaul5)

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