Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa was full of praise for Chelsea during his pre-match press conference this afternoon.

Chelsea will face Leeds United on Saturday, with the Blues hoping to produce even a better performance following 4-0 UEFA Champions League win over Sevilla in Spain.

Bielsa feels Chelsea have found a good balance that makes them hard to beat.

“The values you analysed to describe a team with how they defend and how they attack, the way they return after attack and the way they attack after defending, in these factors you always find Chelsea in favourable positions,” he said, as quoted by Leeds Live.

“During last season he (Lampard) developed a lot of players already in the institution. This season he improved the composition of his team, picking players for the positions he needed.

“This is shown by how the team is playing well. There’s many different components in his team. There’s young players who have developed, there was signings with experience and signings with a big future. If you read what’s written about Chelsea you will see or hear all of these things I have mentioned.

“For us, every game in the Premier League is very attractive and every opponent renews the difficulties we have to face. In the case of Chelsea, this happens without doubt. With the added point it’s a traditional encounter, even though it hasn’t happened for a very long time.”

When questioned about the infamous ‘Spygate drama’ that happened in the Championship and his relationship with Chelsea manager Frank Lampard, he said: “It was already resolved by the authorities how these actions need to be punished,” he said.

“They were analysed and judged by those who need to analyse and judge them.

“My relationship with Lampard is not bad. The relationship with him is similar to those I have with all my other colleagues.”