Chelsea are reportedly keen to sign a dominant centre-back in a future window as part of their long-term plan.

According to journalist Matt Law on the London Is Blue podcast, Chelsea are not convinced by their current options in central defence and will look to acquire a new central defender in a future window.

Matt explained that the West London side’s links with Declan Rice are fueled by the fact that he can also play in defence, meaning he could well save them from making another signing if he proved to be a success at Chelsea.

“The interesting thing with Rice is that because he can play in defence and even though they’ve signed Thiago Silva,” he said.

“I know the next phase of the plan if they get a defensive midfielder in this window is to then, in future windows, start looking towards getting a dominant centre-back.

“Thiago Silva gives them a bit of a stop-gap but Rice coming in almost gives them an option in both of those places and potentially means they don’t actually have to sign two players, they can just sign one.”

“I think in another summer, in different times, Rudiger, Zouma, Christensen or even two of them would have been sold.

“I think there are doubts about them all, I don’t think that anyone thinks the mix between them is right and that was clear last season.

“Rudiger is a big character but in terms of style, he’s not really a dominant centre-back. They need a dominant centre-back.

“I think all the centre-backs are playing for their futures [this season] because I don’t think there’s any certainty over any of them.”

Matt also revealed that if Chelsea fail to complete a deal for Rice this summer, once they have signed Edouard Mendy, then Lille’s Soumare and Inter’s Brozovic are also on their shortlist and that Lampard might not want to hold out for the England international in this window.