Edouard Mendy is Chelsea’s latest signing of the season. The Senegalese Goalkeeper has been brought on to compete with Kepa and Caballero for the starting spot.

In an interview with chelsea.com, Mendy revealed he has been a long time Chelsea fan, his expectations from the Premier League and the tough journey he went through to finally land at the London club.

He said: ‘I’m very proud, When a club like Chelsea is interested in you, it means you’ve done great work every weekend. Everyone knows Chelsea are one of the biggest clubs in the world, and everyone would like to play for this team, but not everyone can. To have a chance to wear this shirt and defend the club’s colours, it’s a privilege.

‘I’m waiting to see it live every weekend, but there are a lot of games, a lot of intensity, a lot of goals like this last weekend! It’s an attractive league, the stadiums are fantastic and when they are not shut the passion of the fans is incredible.’

On being a Chelsea fan:

‘Yes! I’ve been a Chelsea supporter since I was little. I adore this club. When I was 12 I had the chance with a past club I played for to go to Brighton, and we watched a match. I thought English football was amazing. We went into a shop and I saw the Chelsea shirt, this was about 2003 when Ranieri was the manager, and I bought this shirt. So I’ve always liked this club.’

Mendy speaks about his incredible journey to football’s top tier:

‘When this story is discussed, then I realise the path I have been on in my career. It’s true that it’s incredible. People say hard work pays off, and it does. I have worked very hard; I haven’t taken anything for granted. I was at Marseille, and then Reims, and then Rennes, and now Chelsea. It’s been a constant progression, and now I am ready to continue on that upward path.

‘I want to adapt to this league, continue my progression that has been constant for a number of years, and to win. At a club like Chelsea, you have to win.’