Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho has described Chelsea manager Frank Lampard as the best he has ever seen.

Lampard was a key part Jose Mourinho’s team during Portuguese first stint at Chelsea and helped him win back to back Premier League titles.

Former Spurs star Christian Eriksen asked Mourinho about Lampard while they were together watching Lampard’s press conference on Spurs’ All or Nothing TV documentary and he replied: “Professional as a player, he’s the best I have ever seen”

Lampard also has huge respect for the former Chelsea boss, crediting him for his rise to superstar level when he first arrived at Chelsea.

“It just involved self-confidence and a progression from what I’d been doing the season before, which had been a very good season for me with Ranieri,” Lampard told Chelsea TV in 2009.

“We’d got to the semis of the Champions League and I felt I belonged. Mourinho took that on and I was fortunate to be in a team that was very strong with a fantastic manager, and we became winners as a group.

“Personally I pushed myself on again with more confidence and my game became a bit more complete.”

Lampard must have learned a lot from Mourinho, as he is yet to lose a game against his former boss.