Chelsea today held a press conference with Timo Werner (his first for Chelsea) where he talked about his transfer and Lampard’s influence.

In the press conference, Werner revealed he had offers from other clubs including Liverpool but ended up choosing Chelsea because it was the best fit for him.

“Yes, I think when I decided to leave Leipzig I talked to different clubs and next to Chelsea I spoke to other clubs,” Werner said at his press conference. “For me, I don’t want to talk too much about other clubs.

“Of course, there are some other clubs like Liverpool have a great team. Maybe I could fit in other teams but, in the end, I decided Chelsea because it was the best decision I could take. Not only the style of football but because of what they shown to me.

“Yes, it was a hard decision in the end but I am very excited, proud and happy I decided this. Now I am here for maybe two months, it feels right, good and the team is brilliant. We have some very good but calm and nice players.

“It is fun to play at Chelsea, be part of the team and be part of what we start here. We can do very well with this team in the next few months and years.”

Frank Lampard, Petr Cech and Antonio Rüdiger were among those who held talks with Werner about joining Chelsea.

“It was a strange time, we couldn’t meet each other and we met each other here for the first time because of the virus,” Werner said. “But he[Lampard] called me a lot, we had a lot of conversations, he texted me a lot and he sent me some videos where he could show me what style of football he wants to play with me in it.”

“The conversation with him[Lampard] was also really important, he’s a very nice and calm guy, who makes it clear what he wants and what his football style is and he makes it clear that you’re not only a player but also a person. He doesn’t see you as only a footballer and that’s important for me.”

Werner had a great debut against Brighton where fans got to see his work rate and his skills. Despite not scoring a goal, it was a great game for him.